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Robotics MODELIX, Modular open-source hardware and software for robotics.

MODELIX Robotics, "open source" modular robotics hardware and software system. 

Open Technology Development

For a while technological progress often appeared to some providers as a threat to its existence or its way of working, because in a closed world technologically, the presentation technology arose in a discrete way, ie, such technologies were not available as easy access to information was very restricted.

With the advent of the Internet, the flow of information exchange grew so great, very easy and social relations in which it became possible to minimize time, where information exchanges could be made in real time.


But this development must be seen as an opportunity to obtain products or services faster, more reliable and less costly.


Of course, as mankind develops, it takes on new values, becoming more demanding. Companies that had their technologies fully closed, did not meet their customers, because they were somehow tied to the technology offered. With the acquisition of technology from a specific manufacturer, the client did not have a choice of interchangeability with products or technology of another manufacturer, because the suppliers developed - based on proprietary platforms.


As a result, companies that initiated the development of technologies fully open, began to stand out, because it enabled their customers can use not only their products but also use them in aggregate form with third-party suppliers. This was certainly the beginning of everything, where companies sought to daily continuous improvement, always seeking to develop products on open platforms.


The open source model is very advantageous because it offers tremendous value to the product, allows users to choose the most viable options or even the assembly of projects that can be used different technologies from different manufacturers in order to achieve the lowest cost benefit possible.


Currently this model is well accepted, for what all clients want is a diverse range of options, without worrying about allegiance to a particular vendor and can migrate from one place to another, always seeking the lowest cost benefit, without forget also the technical characteristics of the product.


This model allows companies to rethink their philosophies and examine ways to adapt to the market, because this is the big trend in a fully globalized world.


In order to all this general context, the search MODELIX in their products follow this philosophy, available on its website various information and technical tips that add academic value, because we believe - that this model is as viable platform for the company and for customers .


This mode of thought is followed faithfully in all product development as it provides the customer greater flexibility in the technical and economic analysis on the acquisition of new products.