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Modelixino 2.6


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Who likes and is interested in robotics, has option of being able to create more complex components through devices easier and more programmable.

There are several options available in the market for leased to creating programs that range from simple designs to light a small light, to advanced projects operating an elevator, for example, among the circuits, we will highlight the Modelixino 2.6, which is excellent loop-based Arduino technology (see more in our portal on Arduino) that allows a wide choice of creation, from simple components.


This great innovation allows components of our kits are used in many ways, simply only by the imagination of those who use them. Since this is a new concept that has been well received outside of Brazil, known as a "physical computing (Physical Computing), which encompasses much more than create things through software and have the results visible on screen or printed. The increasing interaction of programs with components that have shares.

In our case, is to plan actions and specific functions to robotics.

Enlarged view

The Modelixino 2.6 is different from other platforms available on the market due to certain characteristics, for example the ability to be programmed via USB cable.

The project Modelixino 2.6 has been developed in an educational environment, so it's great for beginners get projects working quickly. This board coupled with breadboard greatly facilitates assembly, it allows components to be mounted very close to the microcontroller.

By owning a programming language very simple, he makes reference to youth and adults with the spirit of always be seeking knowledge.

All the physical structure of the board is composed of 16 digital ports, which allow the setting through the program, to act as digital input or output, and also have the same 6-port digital PWM outputs, allowing the speed control of DC motors.

A sequence of 6-pin analog is also included on the board, that is, this card offers unique circuit in all possible tools for robotic applications.

The available material is certainly rich enough, because along with software and step by step lessons on the CD, it also enables the web search of several experiments already made with this card.


The process carried out with the Modelixino 2.6 is to make the beginner become familiar and get more and more aware, not afraid to invent and improve what already exists.

One of the advantages of the circuit, is to give freedom to those who create programming to be able to do several different functions - often can be advanced - even without specific knowledge of programming. Once the software is very friendly and easy to find tutorials on the network and help other people who also use the same technology.

We are available in our store, exclusive kits with Modelixino 2.6, which exactly fit the needs of each User.


Are the kits, Modelixino 2.6 and Modelixino + 2.6 with breadboard electronics kit.


The kit Modelixino 2.6 with breadboard contains several components for use in the assembly of circuits, such as light resistive sensors, buzzers and relays.

These components allow you to test all existing features on the board, allowing a study of good practical content, allowing the trigger of a simple LED or even more complex exercises as the serial communication through the Rx and Tx pins of modelixino.

With Modelixino 2.6, you can learn the basics of electronics and begin to build prototypes with very little investment.


Components provided in the Kit:

4 - green LEDs;

4 - red LEDs;

8 - 220Ω resistors;

1 - Buzzer;

1 - Light sensor resistive;

1 - Sensor magnet;

1 - Transistor TIP 120;

2 - 1N4007 diodes;

1 - Relay 6V;

2 - Pushbuttons;

3 - 10Kohm resistors;

3 - Wire 14 cm (red);

3 - Wire 14 cm (Yellow);

3 - Wire 14 cm (brown);

3 - 9 cm wire (Red);

3 - Wire 9 cm (Yellow);

3 - Wire 9 cm (brown);

3 - 4 cm wire (Red);

3 - 4 cm wire (Yellow);

3 - 4 cm wire (brown);


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