You Can Build your own Arduino! PDF Print
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You can build an Arduino with your own hands!

And MODELIX helps you in this task.


Already Modelixino 




If you are a curious geek and loves hacking or just don´t want to spend so much money to create a powerful tool for interacting with robotics, MODELIX will bring a new product that will be practical and simple solution for build an Arduino: the new Modelixino Mini 2.1

The Modelixino Mini is also ideal for colleges and schools that have courses that apply the teaching of microcontrollers, and for the practice of assembling one as important as the Arduino.

For less than half the value of a conventional Arduino, you can purchase the kit of components for assembly, and a manual step by step.


FTDI / Usb-Serial cable

The Modelixino Mini 2.1 will come out in the market for only R$ 49.00

(nearly US$ 28,80)


The major difference is the conversion of data made through the FTDI cable / USB-Serial that is designed to make data transfer software for the design of Modelixino Mini 2.1 will be available separately for R$ 25.00 (nearly US$ 14,00)


Importantly for the schools will work with Modelixino Mini 2.1, there´s  not necessary to purchase a cable to each

microcontroller to be mounted.

Only one per class is already ideal for the operation and tests together.

This news should come out of the oven in the coming weeks, stay tuned to our website to know how purchase this kit.