Using the Arduino
Building a robot with four legs Arduino. PDF Print
Drew working on the Arduino Walker

Arduino Simple Walker

A starter kit for Arduino PDF Print

A starter kit for Arduino and basic but interesting company adafruit.


Note the online store is abroad, for more information see our topic on how to buy components overseas. Click here to see the matter

PaperDuino PDF Print
What is a PaperDuino??

      It is nothing less that you create an Arduino with paper and cardboard!

         More like this possible?

     Simple in the field below explains how to do it!


Making music with Arduino. PDF Print
See the subject in a site with an Arduino Board, explaining how to make a musical instrument.

That even with the Arduino you can do that.

Note: The material is in English.

click read more to see the video and link on the matter.
Textmate PDF Print
"Textmate" option to record a program on the Arduino. Free software.

  Follow the link for more information. 


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