Construction of knowledge by sharing Print
The world today is "open 24 hours," the information does not stop and every minute something new is available. The exchange of content is much faster, much more dynamic and interaction between people is crafted in real time.

By having this speed and freedom in the exchange of information,
the globalized world is no longer a plan on the table of the major heads of state and powerful owners of multinational companies, to become an absolute reality. Nowadays, it is easy to get information from other continents, in just seconds.

People have access to content that not long ago thought to be freely available as we see today through the Internet. This ease of information created in people a sense of freedom, a sense that everything she needs will be available hours you want, with just a few clicks. Nowadays, who can imagine without using Google, Wikipedia and many other tools that have emerged since the beginning of the century, bringing any information, so ask.

  There is a new concept called Web 2.0, which is active in the minds of most people who live daily with the needs of a modern and dynamic world. This concept works much like the "DIY". Nowadays it is natural to see that most of the content available to users was done by the users, thus adding power to build the information and be selective in what is published and on what is consumed.

In the past, what one saw was the media in general, calling in air content targeted to large audiences, with few variations. However, there is now something more targeted. You can read from the results of the last round of league football until about a Finnish playwright who recently launched a number. That is, the content is all there, simply look for and will soon be sought on what information made especially to meet their demand, generated by people who share the same interest.

Share is the term that comes side by side with the issue of freedom of content. People with common interests, share information, exchange news and add more credibility and truthfulness in what they advocate. The practice of sharing is what has moved the global world we have. As stated above, we may have different information from other countries soon, and we can share information and technology with the same speed.

And that's exactly why people go deeper in their search for people with the same interests, with the same opinions. Just to see grow or to be in front of others who have something in common and who believe in what they stand together. And that's how often we see the arrival of new entrepreneurs, ie people who have good ideas and which seek to use these good ideas for improvements in a particular industry or simply the creation of new services.

Entrepreneurship has strengthened and given greater competitiveness on the world economy. Studies show that in Brazil a few years back here, increased the percentage of small and micro enterprises, which heat up the economy and give big business concerns and slight increase competition in several segments of different markets.

Growth in the number of new small enterprises, due to new ideas, which for one reason or another could not be used in large enterprises, and by its creators believe in them, they risk releasing them and sometimes successfully, competing against large companies and fighting positions with medium and small businesses. The space for micro-entrepreneurs, growing up on the need that was formed, with new options. Customers walk more demanding, and do not accept business as usual, only one or two options for the product or service demand. No wonder that we see in recent times, the buzzword is "portability", ie, the right to choose to have new options. And those companies that know how to take advantage of it, to suit the new consumer mindset and be open to integration and partnerships with other companies, can stand firm on the market and the tastes of customers.

There is no more room for monopolies and the tendency is to start small to bother the big, especially in times of crisis, where stronger and increase the priority for companies more open, more flexibility and options.

Freedom of choice has been an important factor in the minds of consumers, and turn away from this could be a mistake. The big trend today is the exchange of experience, alliances and freedom of its product interacts with another, without fear of competition.

And precisely the factor that makes the MODELIX something innovative, it gives your customer the right to take delivery, even with other companies, media that can do it get the most out of your product without fear of losing ground. Relying on its capacity and adding value, which can enhance the quality and make it much more enjoyable in your work and maintenance.

Using the open source model, the MODELIX fits several models of the robotic arm, to give its users a variety of options when creating your toy or robot. Share technologies and makes the work much more complete and dependent on the creativity of the consumer.