MODELIX schools Print

The MODELIX is increasing its presence in schools, from elementary school to the highest, and especially in specialized technical education.

The success of MODELIX is connected to the business model chosen by the company. The MODELIX maintains an open technology platform, not holding the languages and proprietary methodologies. Thus, both the school and the teacher are independent of orientation of perpetual supplier of materials science lab.

The MODELIX offers several free support materials to educators, in an effort to facilitate a job MODELIX components in a growing range of study materials, so that the use of kits and components MODELIX not be restricted to no knowledge that only the company have.

This philosophy of work has been praised for each attendance at events and fairs, where there is contact with educators. Our goal is always to increase the availability of free textbooks and curricula of experiments, so that the community of educators can take advantage of positive experiences in various regions of the country