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The MODELIX's main characteristic is an open platform (Open Source ™) in both hardware and software, ie MODELIX fits several models of the robotic arm, to give its users a variety of options when creating your project. Share technologies and makes the work more comprehensive and based on the creativity of the designer.

In addition to using open source software in its line of robotics, the MODELIX platform is also open in your web portal.


We opened this space for professionals, students, experts, teachers, designers and developers in the business of robotics, who would like to work with our system by sending materials, articles, projects and relevant content for those interested in robotics.



It is very easy to become a consultant, simply register by sending an e-mail with your details and a brief description, telling the projects developed. You can send us pictures and videos, we published a personal page with your profile, so that surfers can meet you and know more about you.



Fig 01. editing the data page.



Every consultant will have a page with your profile on our website, and who rides this page with the profile is only you. Show yourself to the community of open source robotics and disseminate their projects.


Fig 02. home page of our consultants.



If you have a component or circuit compatible with the Open Source platform, you can offer it for sale to users of the community, leave a space intended for people to have their contact information if they have any interest in your project or product, or if want to ask questions.


After a successful registration, the developer is authenticated


Once authenticated, you must enter the login page and you can start editing your articles! In our system, the publisher of the article, it is the User, who rides his publication as it sees best: sending pictures, videos, texts. The way you want. Thereby, each subject much more dynamic!



Fig 03. highlight the field where the User enters the details for the start releasing their own articles.




Fig 04. editing text, hyperlink, text formatting software available through the portal.



You assemble the text, edit and format and put whatever it takes to make your story more interesting and more complete. In our system, there is a software issue that the User creates content the way you want, directly on the site. Being able to use images, videos, useful links, text. Making matters even more interesting and more rapid to be created without relying on a specific format, that is, your story is the guy you want. Plus, you still have the freedom to decide the issue that it fits better and classify it according to the category you find ideal for your item, choose key words to search and related topics.


Fig 05. editing data and characteristics of your article.




Fig 06. sending you a link. You can send an interesting link by entering a comment on the subject.


And if you are not satisfied with the outcome or want to add more data, you can edit at any time the matter again and perfect it whenever you want.

You have the freedom to create your article the way you see fit, however, all content will be sent by a brief review before being published. Do not be discouraged if an essay is filtered, always seek a way to disseminate articles or consistent and appropriate content. And if any problems occur, we reserve the right of non-disclosure, but will send one back to you with the necessary observations to fit your article.

Soon after the review of our professionals about the content to be published and it is in accordance with the proposal of the portal, the item will be ready to air.


Make your registration right now and start sharing with us and the community of robotics Open Source: experiments, tricks, tips and tutorials!


Grow your network of contacts with people who have the same interest in robotics, join us, be a consultant "Open Source" as the MODELIX.